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Indigenous Experiences of Territorial and Environmental Management in Acre

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  • 2018 - 2022
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Participating Organization
RoleOrganization NameRole Definition
ImplementingAcre Pro-Indigenous People Commission (CPI-Acre)The organisation that physically carries out the activity or intervention.
Activity Description
CONTEXT The Pro-Indio do Acre Commission (CPI / AC), a civil association created in 1979, has the mission of supporting the indigenous peoples of Acre in their efforts to recognize and exercise their territorial and socio-cultural rights. Currently, the CPI / AC works together with ten indigenous peoples, who inhabit 19 Indigenous Lands (TIs as the acronym in Portuguese) in the state of Acre. It had a first project contracted with the Amazon Fund in 2015, aimed at reinforcing sustainable production, culture and way of life in four ILs in the state of Acre (   This project, "Indigenous Experiences of Territorial and Environmental Management in Acre", was selected through the Public Call for Projects to Support Territorial and Environmental Management Plans (PGTAs) in TIs, under the Amazon Fund. The PGTA is an instrument that materializes the planning, agreed by the indigenous community involved, of the use of its territory for cultural, environmental and economic purposes. THE PROJECT The project presented by CPI / AC includes activities that contribute to the implementation of PGTAs of eight Indigenous Lands in the state of Acre: TI Kaxinawá do Rio Jordão TI Kaxinawá do Baixo Rio Jordão TI Kaxinawá Seringal Independência TI Kaxinawá e Ashaninka do Rio Breu TI Kaxinawá do Igarapé do Caucho TI Kaxinawá da Praia do Carapanã TI Kampa do Igarapé Primavera TI Katukina/ Kaxinawá. The set of activities that will be developed within the project in each of these regions was conceived from the respective PGTAs. Three activities are common to all TIs, namely: management of agroforestry systems and backyards, installation of rainwater collecting points, and workshops on environmental and territorial management and solid waste management. In addition, some TIs will also carry out joint actions for territorial protection, monitoring and surveillance, and articulation and training with surrounding communities. The project also includes three more components, two related to transversal actions and one related to management of the project. Of these, the most relevant is the training of Indigenous Agroforestry Agents (AAFIs), through which three groups will be supported, with participation of 35 indigenous people in each, to be held at the Forest Peoples' Training Center in Rio Branco. The AAFIs  develop educational and participative work with the indigenous communities and their surroundings, contributing to the management of these territories. INTERVENTION LOGIC This project falls under the “sustainable production” (1) and Land-use Planning (3) components of the logical framework of the Amazon Fund. Click on the following image to view its objectives tree, that is, how the project's outputs and linked to the expected outcomes and impact.
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